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The Dos and Don’ts of Being a Good Neighbor


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  • Please participate in our Community:

  • Check the website frequently and keep your contact information up to date, and volunteer for a committee or other community activity.

  • Plan to attend the Annual Meeting or any Special Meetings called.

  • Attend the Forum Session of the Quarterly Board Members if you would like to speak to the entire Board (these meetings will be included on a calendar on the webpage)

  • Get to know your neighbors. A directory is provided on the website.

  • All trash and recycling must be placed in the provided receptacles. All receptacles shall be stored so as not to be visible from adjacent properties except on collection day. Receptacles shall not remain outside for more than 24 hours.

  • Keep pets under the control of the Owner and either carried or leashed in all areas outside of the pet owner’s townhome; owners of pets must promptly clean up their pet’s droppings.

  • Abide by all parking and traffic regulations. Visitors and guests of Owners shall only park in spaces designated by the HOA for their use.

  • Follow primary use restrictions that no Lot shall be used except for single family residential purposes.

  • Contact the HOA through the contact page, if you need approval of a exterior addition, permanent landscaping plan or have a question that is not answered on the website, or have a suggestion.

  • Use the Service request section of the webstie, if you have something on the exterior of your home that the HOA needs to get repaired or if you have a concern about something in the common area of the property that needs attention


  • No boating or swimming in the lake. Fishing is catch and release and reserved for Owners and guests (of PWT & PW single-family homes). Do not tell contractors or other persons it is okay to come here and fish.

  • No trailer, large truck, commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, camper trailer/vehicle, motor/mobile home, boat, etc. (except during alterations/improvements and on a temporary basis for loading & unloading purposes) on any buildings are permitted.

  • No Owner shall make or permit any unreasonably annoying loud or disturbing noises on any Lot or do or permit anything to be done which will unreasonably interfere with the rights, comforts, or convenience of other Owners.

  • Run commercial activities out of your home that are visible and/or affect traffic and parking.

  • Plant in common areas. The landscape committee makes the decisions about what plants and trees are added for the overall cohesive beauty of the common areas of the development.

  • No satellite dishes larger than 18 inches may be erected or placed on any Lot.

  • No signs of any kind shall be displayed on any lot (or window signs) with he exception of professionally lettered For Sale/Rent.

  • No exterior lighting, including recreational and/or security lighting shall be installed or maintained on any Lot. Temporary exterior building and decorations are permitted.

  • No interior or exterior window coverings/treatments are allowed on any unit except those from the exterior that are white or off white in color.

  • No outdoor cooking grills, fire pits, etc. shall be used or stored on the balconies at any time. The balcony and patio areas shall be kept in a clean, neat, and orderly condition at all times.

(The information on this website only provide general guidelines & information only and we ask you to refer to the owner property documents for details on specific rules & convenants of the Community and its owners which supercedes all other content)

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