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I am a new buyer or mortgage lender, where do I go for forms and information? 


Welcome to the neighborhood. 

Please click here for information you may require >


How do I get help with trash, recyling or bulk or large refuse items picked up from my house? 


Please click on this link for information on refuse and

recycling collection by City Waste Management.

Remember the City pickup is every Tue morning so

please remember to put out your City bins on

Monday night.  If you have any questions on your

service, please call City Waste Management at

(859) 425-2255

What are the snow removal guidelines for 2021-22? 


Pretreat roads when it will assist in removing snow

Plow roads when depth exceeds 2 inches, shovel driveways  (DC&R Article IV  Section1 vii p.8)

Salt/sand mix roads when icy

Remove snow if over 2 inches from main sidewalk along Patchen Lake Lane in Phases 1-3, and in front of all 4 sets of mailboxes. USE ICEMELT not salt on sidewalk.



All other sidewalks including the walkway along the lake will not be serviced. HOA Board will post signs that these sidewalks are closed.



Please notify Board ( if your home will be vacant for more than 2 weeks in the winter so we do not waste resources clearing your driveway.

If you want to treat the porches, steps, and sidewalks by your home, USE ICEMELT not salt. Salt damages the concrete and owners using salt will be assessed the cost of repairs.


Who do I contact for repairs to my house? 

Please keep these in mind before contacting the HOA:


- Maintenance & repair on the inside of your home is the individual

  owner's responsibility; the HOA maintenance is limited to exterior of

  the townhomes and common areas. Please go to the Repair* tab at 

  top of page to submit work required.

- For homeowners still under the developer's warranty (usually 2

  years),  the developer will generally be responsible for all repairs

  (interior & exterior) until the expiration of the warranty.  Please refer

  to your individual agreement for your specific terms.

- For major structural problems with the home (both internal &

  external), each owner should be covered under 10 year warranty.

  Please refer to your agreement for your coverage.

- The repairs/changes are funded by everyone in the community and is

   subject to the constraints of HOA plans & budgets.

For a list of contractors you may consider click here >

How do I pay my HOA Dues? 


We are asking everyone to pay their monthly HOA fees by electronic transfer from the bank. The ACH form you require can be found in the


New Resident Welcome Letter and Forms here >

How do I get my lawn mowed in my courtyard? 


If an owner would like to have the lawn mowed in their fenced area for the growing season, which is the individual unit owner responsibility, please send an email with your name and address to Mike Asay, Owner of Lawn Masters,, for this optional service. The annual fee is $225.


What approvals do I need to add additions or changes to exterior of my Unit? 


For  any changes to the outside of your home (e.g., change to gates, screens on porch etc., ) please follow this process:


1) Contact the Patchen Wilkes Townhomes HOA Board through with your request.


2) Depending on the request, the owner will then have to complete an application that must be submitted to All Points management company for PWCA (Patchen Wilkes Place Community Association which is the umbrella organzation that oversees design changes for the different developments at Patchen Lake which our community is bound by). The application can be found here:


There is a review fee to the PWCA (not our HOA). This review process may take a few months so factor that in any submission of an application.

I have a friendly dog at my house, are there things I should be aware of? 

-  Along the pond promenade, we have provided 4 dog stations with bags and disposal bins.  We would ask everyone to make sure to pick up after your furry companion.

-  When dogs are outside of their homes, they must be on a leash (for everyone's safety as well as being mandated by our community insurance policy).  Please leash all dogs when enjoying outside.  If you need a place to let your dogs enjoy a run, there is a nice dog park close to here -  Pleasant Ridge Dog Park (3.5 miles).

-  As required by our community insurance company, we need to have an  Indemnity  form completed from the houses with dogs.  Also we would ask people who do not own dogs to please fill out the forms  so can maker sure we are in compliance.  If you have sent in your form, thank you (each house can check all your form status at our website page -  Otherwise please fill out and email ( or mail the form to us.   You can download from our website (

I have lost my mailbox keys, how do I get a replacement? 


Each unit's mailbox is the responsibility of the owner and not the HOA.  If you lose a key/keys you (the owner) will have to get a replacement with a key maker or locksmith.  The USPS does not manage or own the mailboxes so no need to contact them for keys.


Who do I call for emergencies? 


        - Police & Fire - 911 to report crime, fire or save life

        - Gas Leak - If you suspect a natural gas leak, ALWAYS leave the area

  immediately. Then call LG&E (502-589-1444) and 911


Who are the utilities I need to contact for my services?

        - Electricity (Lge-Ku)

        - Gas (Columbiagasky)

        - Sewer (LFUCG)

        - Water (Amwater)

        - Cable & Internet (Spectrum or Windstream)

Where is the nearest grocery store?

    - Walmart (2350 Grey Lag Way Rd)

    - Krogers  (704 Euclid Ave)

    - Meijers  (2155 Paul Jones Way)

    - Costco   (1500 Fitzgerald Ct)

What schools serve this are?

    - Yates Elementary School:  Grades PK-5 (1 mile)

    - Crawford Middle School: Grades 6-8 (0.7 mile)

    - Frederick Douglass High School:  Grades 9-12 (0.5 mile)

    - CarterG. Woodson Academy:  Grades 6-12 (0.7 mile)

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