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Information and Documents for Buyers & Lenders*


Patchen Wilkes Townhomes HOA Insurance

Information for Mortage Lenders.  Please Click on document below to get our Association’s Master Policy.  Please see insurance summary and owner insurance information below.

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New Resident Welcome Letter and Forms for Owners

(includes ACH & Dog indemenity forms)

Welcome new neighbor. 

Please download the document below for the HOA forms and information.

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Patchen Wilkes Townhomes Costs

  • HOA fees - you are required to pay by ACH or automatic bank transfer 1st of each month in the amount of $315. (Note for sellers and buyers:  Whoever owns the unit on the 1st of the Month is responsible for paying the entire months HOA fees for that month, there will be no proration done by the HOA.)

  • Transfer fee - Whenever there is a transfer of a unit to a new owner there is a one time transfer service fee of $300 to be paid at closing by the new owner.

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Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws & Covenants

Documents Governing the Community.

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* This information is provided as an information source for Buyers & Mortgage lenders.   This should not be considered to include all legal and policy documents as a owners/residents of Patchen Wilkes Townhomes and the HOA has reserves the right to change any and all documents & info below at any time.  We will do our best efforts to upload to the latest version on the website but these documents MAY NOT reflect the latest documents and is for information only.  These documents are not to be used for legal, regulatory or other use.

If you have further questions, please send  your inquiry to

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