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HOA & Community Mission Statement

We strive to have a fun, understanding community that brought each of us here.

  • We don't want to be a community of strangers, so please get to know your neighbors in your Phase & beyond.  We encourage everyone to get involved and please volunteer for Neighborhood Committees.

  • Let us all watch out & help each other, as even the strongest and weakest among us need help from time to time.

  • We want our community to be social, so if you have ideas please let us know.

  • We all have enough stresses in our lives, so please be neighborly toward each other and not have negative pettiness that can create a caustic, negative spiral is too short.

  • The HOA Board will always aim to be transparent, proactive, and fiscally prudent so we can maintain the style, great environment that attracted all of us here and insure we maintain the value and upkeep of our properties.

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