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HOA Policies, Rules and Documents

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* This reflects the main documents of the HOA Rules and Policies.  This should not be considered to include all legal and policy documents as a owners/residents of Patchen Wilkes Townhomes and the HOA has reserves the right to change any and all documents & info below at any time.  We will do our best efforts to upload to the latest version on the website but these documents MAY NOT reflect the latest documents and is for information only.  These documents are not to be used for legal, regulatory or other use.  Homeowners should refer to their own documents of record.


HOA Insurance Information for Owners

Document detailing relevant insurance documents for owners

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Master Insurance Access

(for potential buyers & Lenders)

Community Insurance Detail for

(for current Owners)

Dog Indemnity Form

friendly neighbor.jpg

New Resident Welcome Letter and Forms for Owners

Welcome new neighbor. 

Please download the document below for the HOA forms and information (includes the bank ACH form)

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Fishing IDs for Residents

Here you will find information on how to get a resident fishing ID to enjoying fishing in the lake (including the waiver form).

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Document detailing owner by-laws in the community

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Articles of Incorporation

Incorporation documents for the Community.

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Lake Houses 2.jpg

Covenants, Conditions, Easements and Restrictions

for the Patchen Wilkes Townhomes

Document detailing the rules and policies governing Patchen Wilkes Townhomes and their owners

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